Tuesday, November 6, 2012


at the very beginning of september, my roommates, a friend, and i took a road trip to wyoming to go camping in yellowstone for the long weekend. i have been before, but now i am even more in love with yellowstone. especially yellowstone lake and shadow mountain. and even though it was rainy and chilly i would camp in that weather again, as long as it meant i was i could be there.
here are a lot of instagram pictures from the trip:


Oregon: The Last Post

saying oregon is beautiful is an understatement. i miss the trees. 
here is the last of the summer posts. at last.

 wakeena falls

multnomah falls

Family Reunion Family Photos & Outtakes

Better late than never, right? Here are some family photos I like from our Oregon family reunion in August. We are a little bit crazy, but I'm sure you'll enjoy our beautiful faces. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oregon: Mt. Hood {via iPhone}

i am incredibly busy. incredibly. 
sorry for not blogging (for those of you who care). 
but here are some iphone pictures in the meantime (since i haven't edited photos from the trip yet and i wasn't really able to take many with my nikon anyway). i love oregon. i will live there someday. good thing i convinced my family to host a reunion there. WITH ALL SIX SIBLINGS. miracle of miracles.

ps- have i ever mentioned that i would be content to be a wood nymph for the rest of my life? as long as i am sequestered in a green forest i can find happiness. the animals would all be my friends and i would spend my days frolicking through the trees and moss-covered ground. my feet would always be bare and my hair always pulled to the side in a long braid. i would make ephemeral land art and live in a tree house. i'd gather berries and tap my own maple syrup. and it would be perfect.

we stayed in government camp, which is right on mt hood. we were all living in one amazing cabin, complete with taxidermy, ikea night lights, a creek in the back, and s'mores. i spent my days hiking, riding horses, babysitting, and wishing i lived in oregon. i even convinced some family members to take me to portland to go to an art museum (which is a rare wish to be granted. so thanks to you ashley and amber!). there are a lot of things i missed, so i will need to go back and explore. soon.

anyway, here are some pictures:


next post i will share some photos of all of us, in our collective craziness. 

pps- i am putting in my mission papers this week! (almost done!)