Sunday, August 19, 2012

san francisco part 2 {via iphone}

here are some more photos of SF and the car ride to it from my iphone. 
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California: San Francisco

my parents flew into LA next, and then we all set off on the road to san francisco, where we also picked up my sister ashley from the airport {she was supposed to fly into LA from being in china (for three years straight) but after a typhoon in taiwan she was delayed a day or two. all her bags were also lost. quite a horrible ordeal}. 

we spent a day and half in san francisco and then headed off to oregon. it was cold, foggy, and windy in SF. 50's in the summer! {it reminded me very much of london, which of course made me incredibly sad and nostalgic}. we couldn't even get a proper look at the golden gate bridge, which means i'll just have to come back i suppose {afterall, i didn't even get to visit the SFMOMA either...}

the following are pictures of trolley rides, fisherman's wharf, 
alcatraz, pier 39, lombard st, and the gg bridge:

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Saturday, August 18, 2012

malibu part 2 {via iphone}

here are some leftovers from malibu from my iphone. i don't want repeat too many photos, so if you want to see more of these pictures just check out my instagram {@andreabelle}.





and here are some from when we went to paramount ranch outside of LA the next day:



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