Tuesday, August 30, 2011

posts still in progress... {+ I FOLLOW RIVERS by LYKKE LI}

so remember how i said that i would catch up on some posts? yeah well i've been a bit busy. i can't wait to show all of you pictures of my trip to burma {and my last days in thailand} so once school settles down and i find some more time, i will share! i mean i haven't even finished unpacking or started decorating my new room yet...it looks so sad at the moment.
here is a sneak peak:
this should be a monk since he is wearing orange but i swear it looks like a woman...but either way when i took the picture he/she got really embarrassed and started laughing, it was really sweet.  
this little boy was so cute. and i will tell you more about what is on his face in a later post. 

and in the meantime listen to my lastest obsession:

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Steve and Donna said...

you have taken so many unique pictures :)