Saturday, May 19, 2012

the upside of being an introvert.

if you're an introvert like me then there's good news. according to an article by time magazine there are lots of benefits to being introverted. not only do i fit their description of a typical "introvert" but i am also shy, albeit not quiet. {which is why i am not all that fond of the college student lifestyle- too much stimuli and too many shallow relationships}. the article adresses benefits to work productivity, relationships, and making decisions. i am the prime example right now. my parents are in washington d.c. for the weekend and i love the alone time. {although, i have been using it to watch romance films and bawl my eyes out, instead of reading like i planned}. 

and to end, a quote by the ever wonderful and wise audrey hepburn:
“I'm an introvert...I love being by myself, love being outdoors, love taking a long walk with my dogs and looking at the trees, flowers, the sky.” 

ps- isn't that photograph beautiful? it's in oregon. my dream state and the location of our family reunion this summer. the beach is great and all but i have been wanting to wander about in the woods. 
if only i lived a little farther north...

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