Friday, September 14, 2012

Oregon: Astoria

days one & two of astoria:

my family and i love the goonies. we grew up watching and quoting that movie. so we couldn't possibly drive through oregon and just not stop by, right? but only 3 out of 6 of us siblings were there to enjoy the nostalgia, unfortunately.

astoria is a charming little coastal town, with cute stacked houses on hills and the smell of the sea. close to washington, the trees, and the beach. they also hold the title for the best pizza i have ever eaten in my life {that includes italy, folks} and the noisiest ward. and it was surprisingly hot. we apparently came during the one sunny weekend of the year, which for others would be good news but i was looking forward to respite from the heat in the form of chill and misty rain. my only regrets are that i didn't have enough time to visit haystack rock, explore the beaches, or go on other various goonie adventures. i think in another life i could live happily in astoria.

the walsh's house!
data's house on the right. *cue zipline through window*

i am incredibly busy. it's taking me a long time to blog {i mean i've been at school for like three weeks and i still haven't even decorated/unpacked my room...} 
but the next post will be about the oregon family reunion!
stay tuned.


Steve and Donna said...

nice memories

Amber said...

makes me want to go sailing....and eat a baby ruth ;P not necessarily in that order.