Monday, May 27, 2013

More Miracles!

So this week has been way interesting. But firstly, I am very sad to say there wasn´t a baptism yesterday. Antonio had to be in Alicante all day to pick someone up from the airport so for now it is postponed. But the mother of his children doesn´t like that we teach him (being women and all) so we´ll see. But he is still very prepared and already passed his baptismal interview.
Ok so some of you may recall that I got a random package in the Provo MTC from a woman (Phillipa Scrivens) I thought I had never heard of or met (I now remember who she is). All I could figure out at the time was that she was related to the Curzons in our home ward. Well she has family in Spain who live in Javea and sent me package for her sister explaining that they aren´t members and where they lived once she found out that I was going to the Malaga mission. I looked up where they lived on a map at the time and thought it was unlikely they actually even lived in our mission because I was right on the border lines with the Barcelona mission. And even if it was in our mission I knew it was probably unlikely to ever be in that area. When I was told I would be going to the northern areas of our mission I thought how weird it would be if I got put close to it! Then we were put in Benidorm. We checked the maps and Javea was one of our pueblos. At this point I was really surprised but also not sure if I´d ever make it up there since it is far away still.
Well on Wednesday we went to Javea. We took the bus there (it is the second farthest away pueblo) and when we arrived it was mediodia, so the streets were dead and everything was closed. We walked in the direction of the address of her sister´s address. I wasn´t sure how this would go because in the letter it said they were strong catholics and that the husband was opus dei. We couldn´t figure out where to go. I decided to take this random flight of stairs and then turn left at the top. No street signs or numbers. Then a woman came out of the house, I decided to go up and ask her for help. I showed her the address and name and she said "that´s us!". I wish you all could´ve seen my face. I was more than surprised. She said she was Rebeca, the daughter of Elizabeth (the sister) and that she knew we were probably there because her aunt is a member. She said her mom was sleeping and she had to pick up her nephew but that we could come back in a little while. She was incredibly nice and drove us to the next address, a friend of Phillipa´s. She dropped us off at the street name and then we walked a very long way down this country road. The whole time I was talking about how amazing this all was! I was used to not being able to find anyone and when we did they wouldn´t receive us in so nice a manner. Everything was too good to be true. Hermana Martín was making fun of me because she always teases me about my little faith. Which is so true and I´ve been trying to work on it. I am just too realistic I guess haha.
We came to the house and talked with the couple, Joy and Tony. They are British so I taught in English which was SOOOO WEIRD. Man I´ve never taught a lesson in English and I didn´t think it would be so different but it is. I felt much more timid. But I think it went well and hopefully it gave them something to ponder. But unfortunately we didn´t think to bring English BOMs. Joy was also very nice and drove us back to the other house. We then had a lesson with Elizabeth and Rebeca. I explained the whole back story and gave her the letter and things from her sister. She told me that her husband had just passed away three days beforehand and that they were still recovering. She also told me that she knew that us being there was not a coincidence and that the whole thing was of God! We felt the same way. We testified of eternal families, the restoration, and the Book of Mormon. (All in a combination of Spanish and English because she is British and married into a Spanish family). I know they were greatly touched and the timing of it all was incredible. After that lesson I truly felt like a tool in the hands of the Lord. They now have BOMs and our info so hopefully something comes of it. I don´t know when we will be able to return since it is far but we will try and make it back since we still have two more references. But that day in Javea really increased my faith and testimony of the Lord´s timing. I now have no doubt that the Lord is directing everything we do as missionaries. (I wrote Phillipa a letter but sent it to the Texas address so hopefully she gets it...if not talk to the Curzon family maybe?)
Also Felisa, the girl from Africa that just showed up at church has kinda disappeared. We had one lesson and she asked to be baptized and now we can´t get in contact with her so that´s a little weird. We have some new investigators but need a lot more so pray for that for me! We also had lunch with a member family yesterday whose son is an actor on the Disney channel in Spain so that´s a weird random fact for you all. Oh and something one of my investigators is a not-so-secret admirer hahaha I swear the people here are a bit loco. We must have the spirit really strongly with the amount of "ay guapas!" we get daily. Awkward...anyway I hope you all are well and thanks for the emails! Today for p-day we are gonna go hike a mountain/cliff that overlooks the coast :)
Love you all,
Hermana Thompson
ps photos-
Hermana martín and I in Javea at the top of a building
view of Javea
view of the coast from the bus ride

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