Monday, February 17, 2014

2nd Transfer in Murcia and 11 months!

Well Hna Cerna and I are staying together here in Murcia together one more transfer so there are no changes for us. On Thursday I complete 11 months in the mission (weird...) as well! All the older sisters in the mission are all going home this week so my group is now the oldest, it´s an interesting feeling for sure. 

This week we are exchanges with our sister training leaders, one of which is Hna Johnson! (Remember my first comp??) I was in Alicante with Hna Flanders who was also with me in the MTC but I did get to see Hna Johnson for a minute in the bus station :) It was strange being in Alicante again after so much time, it reminded me a lot of my time in Benidorm. 

For Valentine´s Day we did nothing haha, but hey I got your card mom and I also got Ashley´s package, so thanks for that! ;D Everyone is always in love with the chocolate covered acai berries, my comp was begging me for them all day. 

Not many interesting things have happened this week and I am also running out of time...But I saw once again that the Lord´s plan is different from our own. Plans can fall through just so that you can find that right plans for that specific time. Timing is incredible. Everything works out for a reason. I am also continually learning patience and humility. Having a recent convert for a companion is a growing and learning experience for me and it also means that I get to see a miracle in progress everyday. 

Well have a good week, love you all!

Hermana Thompson

old photos!

one, from the week when we all went to the mountains 

two, the baptism from two weekends ago! elder Allen, me, Hna Cerna, Elder Baker, Arseni, Elder Peters, and Elder Ordonez



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