Sunday, July 13, 2014

Happy 4th of JULY !

Hello fellow Americans and freedom-lovers! Gosh, America is the greatest place on the planet. Mark my words, I will kiss the ground when I get home (if I can bend that low haha). We celebrated 4th of July in Sevilla in a tri-zone conference with President Deere. The only American thing we did was sing the national anthem which was kinda disappointing (but better than nothing). God bless America. 


Tuesday we ate with the Boullosa Family (the inactives that we found by a miracle) and it went reallyyy well. Everyone was there including other nonmember relatives and we have an FHE with them all today. 


Chari is progressing really well still but we have moved her baptismal date forward since she couldn´t go to church yesterday and both her and Isi have dates for the 26th of July. My comp has been sick a few days so I went on splits with with a member, Inés, that had is a distant relative and they had known each other from before. It was a huge testimony builder for the both of them and the spirit was there really strong in the lesson. Chari has a huge desire to get baptized and Inés was recently rescued from being less active and now is just on fire! The elders gave Chari another blessing to quit smoking and we took some of her cigarettes away and threw them out haha. So pray for her that she will be able to quit! 


Jose, the homeless inactive man we met went to church out of the blue and one of the members is helping us out, but it just shows that the gospel is the best thing for everyone no matter what situation they are in. 


What else? Not much honestly. In the zone conference all of the missionaries going home 3 weeks early from my group (for school and stuff) bore their final testimonies. That includes my MTC comp Hna Johnson. It was surreal and I know that it´s coming up soon for me. I´ve been reflecting a lot on everything that has happened, especially since I sent some voice recordings to Audrey with stories and things, and I am so grateful for all I have learned and how I have changed so far and I know that there is much more to do and little time to do it! 


The church is true, and GOD LIVES, I know that now more than ever. Love you all! And share the gospel!


Hermana Thompson


photo from my bday!

thanks for all the cards and packages! you´re the best!

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