Friday, April 27, 2012

sculpture & 3d design.


bronze casting: Imaginary (Un)it
bronze, liver of sulfur patina.

stone carving: [dis]Appear

steel fabrication: The Roots of the Mountain (Reflection)
steel, white rustoleum spray paint. 

3d design:

formalism: Wanderlust
steel, black rustoleum spray paint. 

environmental space: Imagined Landscape
google sketch-up. 
{the "box" would be filled with chalk allowing the audience to participate and draw/describe their own imagined landscape on the black pyramids which would be covered in chalkboard paint}

ephemera: Gather
objects collected from utah lake.

there is a lot i could say about each of these, but i will spare you from going into too much detail. just know that these classes were a pain for me. especially that large steel piece (Wanderlust). that one took me so much time i don't even want to think about it. but i never have to weld again. thank goodness. {there is also another wood piece that i forgot to take a picture of before i left utah. whoops}.

{i slept in until 2:30pm one day this week. see if you can top that! doubt it}.
enjoy your summer! i know i am. 

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