Monday, March 10, 2014

The Plan of Salvation

This week was fun and painful but we´ll talk about the fun part first. Saturday night we had a ward mission activity about the Plan of Salvation. It was a simulated flight to Hawaii where the plane crashes, everyone dies, and then angels take the people on tours of the 3 kingdoms of glory. It was actually pretty legit because the sacrament room was turned into the inside of a plane with flight attendants and flight sounds over the sound system and everything. Each set of missionaries was given charge over a kingdom of glory. There were two elders in Celestial (the room draped in white paper) with a family, everyone dressed in white, 2 giant white tigers, an elder playing hymns on a white guitar and marshmallows to eat. The 2 elders in Terrestrial had a room of green walls and a blue ceiling, plants, and something sweet to eat. There were dressed in white shirts, black pants and no ties. We had the Telestial room. It was completely covered in black garbage bags so if smelled awful and you could barely see anything. We had a disco ball with colored lights, rap music, and on the wall it said "eat, drink, and be merry for tomorrow we die" in Spanish and we were dressed in all black. I made brownies but added salt instead of sugar and had everyone try them hahaha, it was way funny. At the end they met the Bishop who was the judge and later were told it was all a dream.

It was interesting because while we were explaining our kingdom multiple times I felt the spirit but in a way that confirmed that what we were explaining was a sadly real place. I felt so bad talking about it. Every time I said that those people were to be there forever with out hope, without their families, and without an exit it just broke my heart. We shared examples of peoples lives and why they ended up there. And the worst part is that there are so many people like that in the world right now. I wanted to be able to visit the other rooms but there never was enough time. It was funny to because in one of the groups an investigating woman kept saying "this is so extreme! there´s a balance you know!" I kept trying to explain it to her but she hadn´t been to the other kingdoms yet haha. I think the activity had an impact on people that made them reflect on their lives and the people they know and what they are doing with their lives and where they would go if they were to die right now. It was a success but I have no photos as of yet, I´ll send them when I get a hold of some.

In other news I am officially an old woman back-wise, but I´ll be fine. I blame it all on the Bible. I carried it to teach our 7th Day Adventist investigators and it kinda destroyed my back. But it´s ironic because we were supposed to go to their church on Saturday and because of my back we had to call in sick haha. Don´t worry about me though but I won´t tell you not to pray ;) I got a blessing and I know it will be healed so it´s just a matter of resting and patience.

Well have a good week, and thanks for all your support! Love you all!

Hermana Thompson


                                                   photo of Hna Cerna and I in the Murcia cathedral last pday

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