Monday, March 31, 2014

New Transfer! Bapstims! (and allergic reactions)

Hello everyone! Today is the start of my 9th transfer (there are 12 in total)! Scary right? Hna Cerna will be leaving to Sevilla on Wednesday morning and my new comp will be Hna Crockett! She is actually comps with my old comp Hna Andrew right now in Almeria, and I got to meet her in Granada at the Christmas concert :) I´ll give you all more details about it next week! 

Remember that I told you we found that part-member family by a small miracle last week? Well we went to the first appt on Tuesday and the mom practically asked us to be baptized! Before only her 11 year old daughter could be baptized because she was living with her boyfriend. Now she has got her own place and got off work on Sundays and is all ready to be baptized! Cool how that works out right? The sisters before had worked with that family a lot and we are seeing the fruits of it. We had been fasting for a person that was prepared, and here she is! There are a lot of family problems with the oldest daughter but Mari (the mom) and Selena (the convert daughter) have strong testimonies and are willing to sacrifice to receive blessings. 

So now all of the funny(ish) stuff haha. I´m having bad luck with my health lately. Doesn´t sound funny but just wait. So I started off the week with what I think was the flu, that later turned into the cold, and so that irritates my nose. While I was getting a massage from the physical therapist in the ward for my back my nose started bleeding haha. Fun right? Anyway, at Mari and Selena´s house (the one with goats and animals in the middle of nowhere) during our second visit this week, before sitting down I brushed off the couch. Now I´m not sure if something got in my eye or I touched it afterwards but I got something in there and it bothered me the whole lesson and started to get really red. I never could get it out. Later we went to another FHE and it just got worse and worse- swollen and eye goo blurring my vision. By the end my right eye could barely open and felt like it was one fire. Everyone kept saying that I looked Chinese hahaha. Our Bishop´s family was there so they took me to the pharmacy so get something to flush out my eye and drops to get rid of the allergy or infection or whatever it was. Remember Will Smith in the movie Hitch when he eats seafood? Well that was me minus the swollen lips hahaha. (okay okay his looked more dramatic). Sparing all the gross details my eye got better over a few days and now it´s back to normal! If that was allergies I don´t know how the heck that happened, but my body does not respond well to mission life apparently haha.

So going back to that FHE we had, it was also a small miracle! I had the idea to have a member, Paula (she the missionary mom here in Murcia basically) invite one of our investigators to the FHE that night last minute. She is the most loving person ever so he said yes to our surprise. His name is Francisco Javier (Paco) and is from Spain. We found him as a former investigator from about 2+ years ago. When we knocked his door he was super nice (rare!) and told us we could come back, so we did with Paula. We didn´t even get to the real lesson because we were discussing faith with him. He had been out of work for 2 years and had a hard time providing for his son and that gave him doubts in relation to his personal faith. The next week we ran into him on the street and he told us he had finally found a job! Miracle! So anyway he comes to the FHE with Paula and her husband Enrique, and guess who shows up right before him? Bishop Tómas and his family! They had passed by to do a favor really quick and had no idea about the FHE. They stayed and the lesson went SO well. We saw a huge change in Francisco from the first lesson, and after everyone talking about their conversions he wanted to experience it too by the end! The Lord´s timing and plan never cease to amaze me. He didn´t come to church on Sunday but I´ll keep you updated on his progress.

Saturday the Elders Baker and Antezana had a baptism and two primary children were being baptized. It´s funny because Jose, one of the 8 year olds being baptized, before wanted to wait to be baptized until one of the elders from the ward came home to do it. We told the ward counsel about it and they did a primary activity where in the end you only get to the Celestial Kingdom unless you are baptized and he was left out so he changed his mind and decided to be baptized hahaha he´s a funny kid. Tons of people showed up for the tri-baptism including one of our investigators, Mirtha, and her daughter.

Yesterday night we had another FHE with the bishop and Mari Carmen and Juan. If you all remember they are the couple that are waiting to get married! Well they announced that the finally were given a date by the city for the 24th of April! So they will finally get to be baptized! We are o excited for their family! They have been waiting for this a longgg time and have been through a lot of missionaries. 

Well that´s all from this week! Keep these people in your prayers and keep sharing the Gospel! Enjoy conference for me because I´m pretty sure I won´t get to see all for sessions :/

Love you all!

Hermana Thompson

photo of us with some YW that came to the baptism the one in between us went on a mini mission before I got here


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