Monday, June 16, 2014

Baptismal Dates!

Hello! This week was intense in many ways but ended well because we set two baptismal dates on Saturday and then they both went to church on Sunday! We celebrated Chari´s birthday on Tuesday and decorated some pre-bought cakes for her with her daughter. They are still having problems but are doing a lot better. Chari has changed a ton since the priesthood blessing she got. Her daughter Ana has problems with drugs and is only 16. We were talking about faith, hopes, and dreams, and she told us she never has had hopes or dreams because everyone her whole life has always told her she is worthless. We assured her that she is a daughter of our Heavenly Father, that he loves her, and she has great worth. We had her think of dreams and write them down. Her mom says that she has been reading our dedicatory note in her Book of Mormon ever since. We take for granted sometimes things that are simple but mean a lot. I had never supposed that someone could never have hoped or dreamed. It´s incredibly sad because it´s free and one thing that everyone can do. But oh how things change when a person understands who they are and that with the Lord all things are possible!

Chari accepted her baptismal date of July 12th with enthusiasm and wrote alongside it in her calendar "be baptized with someone that holds the authority of God" haha we were so surprised at the change that has been affected in her! At church it comes to find out that she already had a lot of connections with the people but they remember her as a completely different person and some had their doubts but we know that it is true progression. 

Antonio is the other. He has a date for the same day. We found him last week through another investigator in park and the first time we taught him I invited him to be baptized and he said yes. He´s from the Dominican Republic and truly has a desire to listen and learn. He showed up to church just like he said he would! So here’s to praying that he will keep progressing!

This week I will turn 22 on Wednesday and then complete 15 months in the mission on Thursday. It´s hard to believe. But oh I still have so much to learn and so much to improve on. Just when I think I am doing really well on attributes like patience, love, and humility, the Lord shows me that I still have a long way to go. But lucky for me I have good examples for companions that truly show me how to do all three of those things. And of course the best example of all is Jesus Christ. 

Love you all! And thank you all so much for sending me your love for my birthday! 

Hermana Thompson

ps- Hna Fumero cut my hair for me this morning and well...since it hadn´t been cut in over a year it was pretty ragged. So my hair is now quite a bit shorter :/ I´ll send a pic next week.

pps- photos!

me, Ana, Chari, Sara (YW from the ward), Hna Fumero, Hna Moreno


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