Monday, June 9, 2014

Exchanges, Tourism, and More Miracles!

So this Friday we had a zone meeting and then afterwards I went to Jerez for exchanges with Hna Cameron and Hna Johnson went to Cádiz with my comps. It was fun but there isn´t anything out of the ordinary to share. On Tuesday we went with the elders to give Chari and her home a blessing. It went really well and she cried a lot. You can tell that she is feeling better and is wanting to progress more and more. Wednesday was her bday so we heart attacked her door. When we went back on Thursday as first she said she wasn´t feeling up to letting us in and then stopped, thought, and said "Okay, maybe just a prayer." God told her to let us in and she opened up as we talked and we all knew that we came at just the right time. She and her 16 year old daughter, Ana, had been having a lot of problems and we were able to counsel them through it and talk about true love and forgiveness. It came with tears and kind words and now the daughter wants to go to church and listen to us :) We have faith that they will get baptized once we can get them to church a few times...and once they both quit smoking! (She also said the heart attack was the best part of her bday. Little things really do make big differences.) 

We taught Isi about tithing and fasting this week and she accepted them both readily. Less so on all the logistics of keeping the Sabbath Day holy, but that one won´t be much of a problem. On Sunday it was her birthday and her mom, Encarni, came to church! She loved it and told the whole family about it! The parents had been opposed before but God has been working on their hearts. Isi invited us to her Bday celebration and another YSA member. At the end she had us share a message and her parents and a family friend asked us all the questions they wanted. They are really great people and have basically all the same beliefs. And now the father wants to come on Sunday too! It is such a miracle! (plus a fat little bulldog was sucking on my sandals the whole time and wouldn´t leave me alone hahaha it was quite the night).

Well I have no more time, but I love you all!

Hermana Thompson
Me in front of the castle just above, and us on bikes
and on the castle (which is on its own little island) in 3 photos below

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