Thursday, April 28, 2011


So we'll see how long this posting everyday thing goes but I am going to's a lot but I know i'll be happy I did it in the future. Today we started out with class for about 3ish hours. Half of it was TMA 302 (Studies in British Theatre Performance) and the other was Shakespeare 382 I believe. Our professors are the best and I actually enjoy the content so it doesn't really feel like class. Not to bore you to death but we discussed the how to engage ourselves with the plays we will be seeing and how to an active audience when viewing all forms of art, which I loved since although I am not a theatre major, I am an art major and completely relate. We also had a discussion on The Tempest, and again I loved that part of class too. Everyone is so insightful and bring their own unique perspective on the play.

After that, me and one of my roommates went to go fix her debit card problems and then decided to just go off into London while we were out. We saw West Minister, Parliament, Big Ben, the London Eye, Buckingham Palace, and some of Hyde Park. It was just a quick walk through, no touring or major picture taking but I didn't really mind since I had already seen all this before and because everywhere was packed due to the royal wedding being tomorrow. There were camera crews and policemen galore! Some crazy people have even been camped out for days on the streets.

Then we went to Trafalgar Square and saw some plays being advertised and decided we wanted to go see Wicked at Victoria. Some of our flatmates went to Les Mis or Mama Mia as well. Wicked was really good and even though I am still exhausted (in addition to all the walking we did) it kept me awake and entertained :) The cast was great and the leads had amazing vocals. Now for a few pictures...don't mind my messy hair and squinty eyes haha that is just what traveling does to you- total and utter dishevelment.


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Taylor said...

This is me continuing my tradition of liking everything you do. Let me just say that I'm supa dupa jealous of your adventures in London!

xoxo, andrea said...

yes thank you! looooove you :)