Saturday, April 30, 2011

LONDON: Day 3 & The Royal Wedding

Yesterday was my third day in London and THE ROYAL WEDDING! The wedding was scheduled for 11 so a group of girls and myself walked over to Hyde Park at around 10 to watch it on one of the three big screens that had set up for over 300,000 people. Another group of girls actually went down to camp outside Buckingham at like midnight and got to see the procession go by which is pretty cool. I thought about doing it and then remembered how sleep deprived I was already and it being cold at night didn't help.  But it was fun watching it at the Park with thousands of Brits- drunk Brits. It was one big party! Flags, cut-outs of the Royals' heads, girls in wedding dresses, fake replicas of Kate's ring, and lots of alcohol. Every time they showed the Queen the whole crowd cheered, haha I loved it. They also cheered for not only Will & Kate, but lots of women love Harry as well (but really who doesn't? he is a ginger and a prince after all).

Hyde Park is absolutely gorgeous and I plan on spending a lot of time wandering through it and reading Shakespeare. The trees are huge and splendid, the rolling greenery just makes me want to find a horse and gallop through it for hours. And there actually are people who ride horses through the park. I will try and take more pictures, and quality pictures at that- maybe today or Sunday. Since I have already been to London I find myself not being as picture crazy as I normally am while traveling...I haven't even broken out my Nikon DSLR- which is completely mental.

After the wedding festivities were over, we came back since pretty much all of London was jam-packed and we couldn't really do anything. I went grocery shopping (quite the extravaganza), unfortunately everything here is quite expensive. I then took a much needed nap :) once I woke up a couple of us went to Wagamama's- a very popular japanese restaurant here. I got curry chicken, which was more like Thai food but I was fine with that because I am trying to build up my immunity for spicy food for when I actually go to Thailand in July. We then decided to take a double decker to King's Cross Station. It took a while but it was worth it. If you know anything about Harry Potter you would understand. The whole way all of us were so excited, you would think we were a bunch of 5 year olds going to Disney's close though. Anyway, we finally arrived and took some pictures at Platform 9 3/4!!! The original was blocked because of construction, but they had a temporary one set up :) So those who were doubting, I am a's just that my letter to Hogwarts came late...8 years late...but who's counting?

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Steve and Donna said...

got a chance to look at this post on Phil's computer. Wondering how you enjoyed the whole event. Looks like you're having fun :)