Saturday, April 16, 2011

TRAVEL Itinerary

I am heading out of here in 5 DAYS. I have been in Provo since June and I think it's time for a break. I leave for Florida on the 21st and then it's good bye America, hello world! Here are my plans:

Apr 26th-June 10th: London, England
May 17th-May 21st: Scotland/Ireland
June 10th-June 15th: Italy
June 16th-June 24th: Harrogate, England 
June 25th-July 4th: Belgium/France
July 4th-July 14th: Harrogate, England
July 15th-August 24th: THAILAND

August 25th: Back in Provo
August 29th: Fall Semester starts

Seriously best Spring/Summer plans ever, and most hectic ever. Keep up with all my travels on my blog, I will periodically post pictures and stories whenever I get time and internet! :)))))
And don't worry I'll try and ride an elephant while I'm there.


Amber said...

phew....I'm glad you said that! I was TOTALLY worried that you wouldn't ride an elephant! ;P

xoxo, andrea said...

i know you were. i said that just for you ;) i'll be just like legolas haha