Thursday, October 20, 2011


last semester i took a printmaking class, and more specifically intaglio printmaking which is done on copper plates and then printed onto paper. it's a long and complicated process and one flaw or skipped step will ruin the piece. read up about the process {here}. i hated this class while i was taking it due to the rigid system, but looking back on it i am really glad i took it, and it is actually very interesting. 

  FRAMES. B.A.T. out of 2 Editions. 2011. Line Etching.
{this one was the first thing i did in the class, more of an experiment really. and that is why some of it is scratched up and crooked}

FLAT. B.A.T. out 3 Editions. 2011. Line Etching and Dry Point. 
{this is the third assignment we had and my teacher actually liked this one a lot. the image comes from a study i did from a still life in my past drawing class. the objects were drawn flat and objectified into simpler shapes. i am not putting up the second assignment we did because i don't really like how it turned out...i did it right after my knee surgery and couldn't devote as much time as i would've liked to it, plus under the influence of drugs and missed a couple of steps and screwed some of it up...don't do drugs kids}. 
DEER MOUNTAIN. Edition 1 out of 5. 2011. Line Etching, Aquatint, and Dry Point Techniques.
{this was my final project for the class, and i spent a lottttt of time on it. i think i was in the print lab for 3 days straight morning until 1 or 2 am, and luckily the security or custodians didn't kick us poor art students out. this took a lot of process...tedious tedious process. and towards the end i just wanted to stop wiping plates with ink and get out of there for the last time}. 

so there you go! some of my artwork. {although they are a little crooked and blurry...} 
and if you are wondering why i don't post more artwork it's because for the post part in my classes we are learning basic techniques and do a lot of still lifes/studies so they aren't worth sharing. but i plan on making some of my own artwork that isn't for a class over the course of the year so that is something to look forward to. and also i will be posting some abstract work i have been doing for my painting class soon! oh and i have been shooting more film now that the leaves are changing!

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