Tuesday, October 18, 2011

why AMERICA is so lucky slash the best

i started this list a long time ago whilst in europe and every time i was frustrated and missed america i would add to it. i didn't add to it while i was in thailand so i just now contributed what i could think of, but seriously i love america and appreciate it so much more now (even more than i already did). {i would also like to add that i haven't edited this list and am too lazy to do it at this point} after coming home i hear ignorant people talk about how they dislike america or how they want to move to another country and it drives me crazy. some people just don't know how good they have it, and frankly if you are saying statements like that i would rather you move, i'm sure canada would love to have you. and while i loved many things about all the countries i went to here are the reasons i am grateful for america: 

toilets that flush
no squatters
they have toilet paper
air conditioning
they use deodorant
they wash themselves
errrthing is cheaper
some videos and websites only work in the us (hulu!)
free parking
public bathrooms
wide roads
road treatments
not as many traffic cameras
bigger cars
bigger houses
thick pizza
snails/pets are friends not food
everyone wants to be us
we create our own tv shows, movies, and products that everyone else wants
we wait in lines
we have manners (mostly)
we acknowledge the existence of others and say excuse me
free/clean water
the government takes care of so much for us
SCREENS on the windows
french toast/pancakes/waffles are breakfast, not dessert
you can be loud and take kids to public places
southern hospitality
everyone speaks freaking english all around the world
chick fil a

{man i started this in europe a long time ago and can’t think of anything for thailand...partially because i love thailand so much}
real cake
AIR CONDITIONING (oh wait, did i mention air conditioning?)
less child labor and trafficking 
showers that are not connected to the same area as the toilet
western toilets that you won’t fall into if you can’t squat because you had knee surgery
buses without karaoke
buses that are not packed with a million asians
less amounts of tons and tons of ugly stray dogs
TRASH CANS (did i mention trash cans?)
wireless internet
police officers that actually follow the law
bus schedules that actually make sense (kinda)
real bread and pastries
and lets go with democracy and FREEDOM.

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Steve and Donna said...

I think you covered it all :)