Tuesday, October 18, 2011


so some of this is new to the world and some of this is new to me. but either way i'm addicted. 
{keep reading below so you can give me advice}

also i am going to try and actually post things that take more than 5 minutes to do (like posting youtube videos). i just got some of my intaglio prints out of my car that i should be posting soon. plus i have a whole list that i have been putting off for no good reason. plus plus it is fall which means that i will drive up to the canyon and capture some of the beauty before it's all gone. i have been a bit absent-minded lately and i am going to try and gain control of my life and actually get organized...wish me luck? oh yeah and i have to register for classes in 10 days. 

ps- if you are actually reading this and you are not my parents, i would like your opinion (because we know that i am indecisive). 
for summer: should i go volunteer in a country in africa OR should i do a south pacific recreational study abroad in australia, new zealand, and fiji?? 
(africa is cheaper but the study abroad is probably once in a life time)...dilemmas. and i have 10 days to figure it out soooo help me and leave a comment! that means you amber, audrey, and friends. 

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