Tuesday, December 20, 2011

tea time.

i have been very behind on all the blogpostings. so for those of you who care, you will have to forgive me for being so remiss. the wifi on my mac will never work again, the poor dear. {never ever drop your computer friends} so i had been renting a computer from the wilk and i couldn't transfer over pictures because my flashdrive wasn't working either, fun right? well now that i am home for the break i will catch up! 

{and did you notice that i changed my blog title? well i did!}

so now for the tea. 

back in october {the best of months} i was missing our london and the lovely tea parties we used to have in hyde park, so i decided that we all needed to have a reunion- one with tea, treats, and talk. not all were able to make it, the date&time were changed multiple times, and getting hot water to the park proved to be more difficult that i had supposed, but we did it and it was still great. here are the pictures i managed to snap.
{color: digital, b&w: film via mini diana}.

sorry carolyn dear, you never know what you are going to get cut off through the viewfinder. 

if i may i suggest-
go out & buy yourself some chamomile tea, add brown sugar, & sit to watch a good film.

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