Tuesday, April 30, 2013

I'm in Malaga!


So we are allowed to send a quick email saying that we have made it and are safe! We got here a few hours ago and they have given us a quick orientation and pizza. We had pizza yesterday for dinner too, and cookies! I don't think I have ever been more satisfied by a pizza in my whole life. Goodness gracious God bless America and Dominos pizza. So about half of us (there are 33!!!) are staying, getting trainers today and staying close by and the other half are being sent out into the north. Guess which group I'm in? The latter! So that means I am about 2-6 hours away from Malaga. (Elder Turley is in the same boat too but I haven't seen him yet, his plane gets here in a few hours. And Hermana Johnson is in the group staying close by). So since we won't be leaving quite yet I get to go to the mission home in Fuengirola to spend the night and then since tomorrow is a national holiday we have to wait around another day to do residency papers. I can't wait to find out where I am going but I don't have my interview until tomorrow and after that I will be assigned an area and trainer. So hopefully I get to email once I find out! Right now we are in the chapel in Malaga. I am so excited and so nervous! But at least I have some time in between before I actually have to go out into the real mission field. All the others go out around 4pm today! What! Anyway, I love our mission president and his wife so much. They already knew that I met their son and everything through my friend Ellie Hall so that was cool. They are both so kind and so young! 

Love you all and continue to pray for me!
Hermana Thompson

ps- Mom I got your card and thank you for the pictures, I especially loved seeing the ones of you all at conference! and they also forwarded me two letters from provo so that was nice.

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