Friday, April 12, 2013

Week 4! Madrid!

Hola de España!
So we got in this morning and we are pretty tired. And slap happy but since it´s only 4pm we need to stay awake until bedtime. I got to talk with mom and dad yesterday on my layover so if anyone wants deatails about it then you can ask them! Oh and the Spain Madrid mission president met us at the airport and he is the doctor who also did my ACL repair, cool huh? The weather is perfect here and I still can´t believe I am in this country for another 17 months-ish! So this MTC is WAYYYYY different. And so far I miss the Provo MTC like mad. We are having a hard time adjusting, but hopefully we will learn to love it. They are so loosey-goosey here. They say "guys", they chew gum, they are way loud and they can just walk outside and go to the store! The temple is right outside the window. So close, so the view is AMAZING. And the courtyard is beautiful. We are up on floors 4-6 so we can see a lot of Madrid. I am companions with Hermana Johnson still so that is such a blessing. But we got separated from the rest of our travel partners (there were 8 of us total) and Hermana Schaumann and Elder Vogel (from my original district) got put into another class so that is really sad. We aren´t in a intermediate class anymore because those don´t exist anymore. There is only advanced and everyone else (including us) so that´ll be interesting. We go out to the market to proselyte tomorrow and my P-day isn´t until thursday, which is when we get to go sight-seeing in Madrid as well as do a temple session, and that is when you will get an email from me next.
Anyway, I don´t have much time left to write but thanks for the Nacho Libre lyrics Phil, they came in handy haha :)
Oh and leaving the Provo MTC was like the saddest thing of my life. I never thought I would cry but I did, like three times. I actually really loved that place despite it being a "spirit prison". We sang God Be With You Til We Meet again with our district and Hermana Johnson and I just lost it. Pulling out of the MTC was sad too. Anyway, I´m glad I´m in Spain and will try to like it as much as possible.
Love you all,
Hermana Thompson

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