Monday, April 29, 2013

Last day in the MTC!

Holy. Guacamole.
So today is my last day in the MTC FOREVER! Can you believe it? I surely cannot. So we are leaving tomorrow (Tues.) at 7am and taking a train to Málaga where we will be at the mission home for a little bit for training. They said to bring a change of clothes so I assume we will stay overnight and then go to our new areas with our trainers. We have had infield training all day which to be honest has been so hard to sit through but that just makes me more excited to leave!
Anyway since last P-day not too much has happened. We proselyted at the Goya on Saturday and it was pretty unsuccessful for everyone. It was a chilly day and no one wanted to talk to us and I even got to be with my actual companion, Hermana Johnson, but we are both pansies and didn´t talk to as many people as we wanted to. Anyway, Sunday was quite eventful. Our district sang this song which is a medley with How Firm a Foundation and one other song and it is beautiful- they had us sing it in sacrament and the evening fireside. There was also a talent show. Our district performed a Trix commercial in Spanish with dubstep and some other funny side acts and the look on President Sitterud´s face was pretty priceless. Compared to the flutes and violins we were pretty spiritual, let me tell ya. Hahaha. President Jackson (mission pres of Madrid and the doctor who repaired my ACL) and his wife gave the fireside that night and it was great to hear from him.
My favorite parts this week have been hearing all the conversion stories from our teachers and the speakers. It gives me hope that it can be done and an enthusiasm

 to find those people who are prepared. I will write back again when I get the chance. I don´t know if that will be once I get to the mission home or until my next p-day but hopefully soon! Pray for me as I enter the field tomorrow and don´t forget to write :)
(The picture is of Hermana Johnson and I with one of our teachers Hermano Lopez- he´s the best! And reminds me of Kung Fu Panda haha).
Love you all,
Hermana Thompson
ps- phil, carola, and kids! i got your package today! got here just in time! thank you so much and tell the kids i love their drawings soooo much! love you guys! :))

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