Monday, April 7, 2014

Happy General Conference!

Oh I just absolutely adore General Conference! I hope you all watched all 6 sessions, and if not there is always time to repent and go and watch them this week ;) I actually got to watch everything this time! (Except some priesthood session talks). I even got to watch 2 sessions in English since us missionaries went and used the church computer while everyone one else watched the translated version. Goodness it is so much better in English, we are so blessed to speak the language of the prophets.

So firstly, how great was Elder Oaks talk from the priesthood session?? If you women still haven´t seen it I really encourage you to go watch it! I don´t have lots of time to talk about the other things I loved but just hearing their voices makes me want to cry and seeing the pictures of temples? Don´t get me started, nothing makes me trunkier. Take advantage of the temple for me please!

So this week I got a new companion! Hna Crockett is 24, from Arizona, and is blonde like me! She is really sweet and we are getting along great! I´ll have to send a picture of us next week since we still haven´t taken any together :/

I went back to Mari´s house this week and my eye did swell up sooo good news there! I could feel it itching but I just didn´t touch it and everything was fine haha. In other news I´m pretty sure we had our last appt with the Adventists this week. They invited a "friend" and he came in while we were watching the Restoration video and then when it was done he went to town on Mormons. He knew A TON, from the internet I assume, and just wanted to Bible Bash. We bore testimony and didn´t try and contend with him at all (although the member with us did defend some points) and I felt the spirit really strongly for me personally. I know this Gospel is true and is the only way to find true happiness! Love you all and have a good week!

Hermana Thompson

last district photos and hna cerna and i :)




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