Monday, May 12, 2014

BAPTISM, Transfers, and Paintball!

This week has been so great! It feels like forever ago already! So first of all I am being transferred (I don´t want to leave Murcia :´( but oh well) to Cadiz this Wednesday and my new comps are Hermanas Moreno and Fumero. So I am in a trio with two natives! Hna Moreno has been out a transfer more than me and will go home at the same time and I think Hna Fumero has been out 4 or 5 transfers. Cadiz is the oldest city in Spain and the second oldest in Europe from what I am told and is a touristy spot and really pretty so I´ll let you know how it is next week!

And now for the best news! Juan got baptized and confirmed on Wednesday and it went really well! Even with all the rush people came and one of the members made a wedding cake for them! I was asked to bear a testimony too and now I also own Juan a nametag haha. After the baptism he felt so good and kept talking about how much peace and new he felt. I love that :) Two days later when we went by to visit he was still on cloud nine and you could tell there was a difference in his eyes-a light. And Maricarmen said he was much more positive, calm, and at peace. 

Yesterday talking home was a fiasco with the computer camera but it all went well in the end :) Today we went and played paintball with the Elders, Valeria, and Luis Miguel. (Patrick you would be so proud of me!) I never thought my first time playing would be in the mission. It was fun and I got out without any bruises (that I know of haha). Other than that I don´t know what else to say but we have taken lots of pictures with other camera cards so I can finally send some!

Love you all!

Hermana Thompson


Hna Crockett, me, and Juan

us, Mari Carmen, Carmen, and Juan

jenny (the member who made the cake, us the family, and Bishop Tomas and his wife Rosi

DSCN1606 - Copy

DSCN1613 - Copy

 DSCN1625 - Copy (2)

The Paintball Group…

Elder Antezana, Adams, Briki, Miller, us, and Valeria (Luis Miguel showed up late so I’ll send those photos when I get them)





Us and Valeria, she got rescued and now her mission papers are almost all done :D

José Maria, a rescue as well :D

Paula and Enrique, the family I skyped with. She is the missionary mom <3




Amber´s cute Cinco de Mayo package with Mexican food and handmade cat piñatas! :D




 One Happy Missionary!


 Last but not least- Our long awaited Mother’s Day Call Smile

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