Monday, May 26, 2014

Golden Investigators

SO. Not much time because we just taught a lesson with investigators during P-day and it went over. How consecrated can you get? Ha ha joking, joking. Remember Isi from my last email? Well she is literally gold! We hit a bump today but I´ll talk about that later. So. On Wed we had an FHE in a member family home and it went really well (with her friend Charles as well). On Friday we taught her in the chapel with the Stake President :)) Easily one of the most spiritual lessons I have ever been in (the kind that bring tears to your eyes). We taught lesson 3, the Gospel of Jesus Christ and it seemed like everything we said was guided by the spirit and had great affect. Afterwards we were all marveling at how incredibly well it went. Pres. Morales is a very spiritual man and his 22 year old daughter passed away a few weeks ago so the experiences he shares are even more special. We talked about baptism and when we invited her she said yes and accepted the date of June 7th, but that there was only one thing she wanted to clear up before she could fully commit. Joseph Smith. She wanted a firm testimony. We all testified of JS and Pres. M bore testimony of his conversion and the spirit was so thick you could feel it. We left with a feeling like we had just been in the temple or something. 

The next day we had an FHE in a member´s home and watched the long version of the Joseph Smith movie so that she could really understand the history. Her fiancé Fran and friend Charles were there as well. She and Charles came to church Sunday and then yesterday night she calls us and tells us that her mother finally listened to her when she wanted to talk about the church and she talked about JS and felt a peace and confirmation inside of her that what she was saying was good. She was so happy and so excited and was talking about her baptismal date. Today for P-day she showed us around Cádiz and after Charles met up with us and we all got something to drink. She asked us to explain the Word of Wisdom (while they were drinking tea ha ha) and the law of chastity also came up (she has lots of questions). We taught everything there although we wanted to wait and that´s the bump in the road. She is engaged but won´t be able to get married for a year or two because they are both in the University and want to be stable. The good thing is they aren´t living together but we´ll see what happens. Pray for her as we look for a solution. She wants to get baptized but of course this is a problem. But seriously, other than Miri in Benidorm, I have never seen such a prepared investigator with so much desire. We are truly blessed. 

And the weekly miracle that Hna Moreno loves to tell everyone. On wed we all wanted chocolate really badly but had none and no time to buy any. Isi comes to the FHE and bring three bars for everyone to share and it just so happens that each one is our favorite flavors. One for each one of us on the day we most wanted chocolate. Coincidence? Hna Moreno thinks not, and truly for her faith in the little things I think not as well ha ha. God loves us and is aware of our most silly and insignificant needs. Have a good week!

Hermana Thompson

photos! and lots of them!

1. us at home eating Spanish empanadas

2. Hna brown, Rindlisbacher, Fumero, Moreno, Isi, me in front of the cathedral today

3. my comps, Isi, and I in a Arabic building she was showing us




1. pday lunch

2. no caption? haha

3. FLASH BACK. Hna Crockett and I in the bus station on transfer day






1. bus station again

2. Jose, Alejandra, me, Mirian Rocha (a Bolivian family that we had FHE with every week :) )

3. Carmen, Juan (with my nametag on), me, MariCarmen




us and Carmen! she´s the funniest. and the dog they call Nena





us again!

3. Me with Mari and Jose



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