Monday, May 5, 2014


First of all, Happy Cinco de Mayo to all you Mexican lovers! Today for P-day we celebrated by cooking burritos with all the elders from our district. It was kinda close to an actual burrito...Oh and we also got pedicures this morning :)

This week went by so quickly and lots of things happened. We had exchanges with our sister training leaders again. I went to Alicante this time and got to be with Hna Johnson again :) It is very likely the last time I´ll see her before we both go home since she´s part of the group that leaves 3 weeks early to start school. While we were working that afternoon one of the bottoms of my sandals came apart and was barely hanging on so it flopped around as I walked until we found super glue haha.

So we don´t have much time but there is good news! If all goes according to plan we will be having a baptism on Wednesday! Juan had told us that he would have a decision for us last Friday but when we got there he still was indecisive. He said he would let us know before sacrament on Sunday. Because of ride complications he and Carmen got there late, after the announcements had already been made. Afterwards we talked to him and he handed me back the baptismal invitations I had given him and told us that he wanted to wait for the moment and get baptized when he felt more prepared. We were a little disappointed but it didn´t come as a surprise. We had been fasting that he would make up his mind either way. Then that afternoon as we were in investigator appointments with members he called

multiple times from a number I didn´t recognize. I called back between appointments and he said he changed his mind and asked if he could still get baptized! So we are all in overdrive to get this baptism and mini reception planned for Wednesday. Pray for us! 

Sometimes we have to take a step of faith and make our on decisions and then God will confirm to us whether it was correct or not. That´s what we had been emphasizing to Juan all along. He made his decision, said no, and then somewhere in there God changed his heart and the spirit testified that he actually was ready for baptism all along. 

This week we also worked really well with members! We worked with a family and talking about all the less active or part member families they´ve known from over the years and got a lot of info out of it. In turn the father, Neri, who´s on the high council, set up a meeting with all the priesthood leaders from the three wards to make a rescue plan. I love working in this ward, the members are so great and willing to help!

Well that´s all for now! As for pictures my comps camera card is unreadable except when it´s in her camera and she´s the one that´s been taking all the photos :´( I hope they aren´t all lost forever. I do have one photo that someone else took from last pday when we went hiking!

Love you all,

Hna Thompson


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