Monday, August 18, 2014

Isi´s Baptism!

Well all our plans fell through this week so we are a bit tired but the good news is is that Isi got baptized so it´s all worth it! Her baptism was yesterday night and is was a huge success! A tonnnn of people came, members from all over the stake, her family, and a lot of nonmember friends as well. The stake president- Pres. Morales baptized her and I among others bore a testimony. The member that first gave us her info as a referral gave a talk too it was a great service. Isi at the end bore her testimony and all her friends and family really enjoyed the whole program! 

I have really been extremely blessed to to not only meet Isi but to see her whole process and in the end to be able to see her baptism! We thought it might not happen so soon but the Lord works miracles and is able to change peoples weaknesses into strengths! Isi is honestly the best investigator I have ever seen during the mission. It´s incredible to see how some people have been being prepared since the beginning of their lives to accept the Gospel, she is one of them! 

Well, I don´t have much time left but yesterday was the official "I have a month left in the mission" mark. Crazy stuff. But we are gonna keep on working and soon Cloti should be getting baptized! Thanks for all your prayers! Love you all!

Hermana Thompson


Hna Volpe, Isi & me

Hna Volpe, me, Isi, Pres. Morales


 Love the Happy Faces….





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