Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Confirmation and another one coming up!

Heyyyy! This week was pretty bad work wise (people tell me that the area dies with the missionary) but Sunday was a really great day so it makes up for it! So get this: In our Gospel Principles class (the one for investigators) Isi taught the lesson. She just graduated from nursing school and has studied a lot about the process Christ went through physically from a medical point of view and made a PowerPoint and presented it to the whole class. It was really well done and she LOVED doing it. I´ve never heard so many details from that point of view. Then she got confirmed in sacrament meeting and the second she sat down they sustained her as secretary in the primary. I´ve never seen somebody so happy! She is seriously an astounding convert. She also brought one of her friends to church! She´s on fire. 

Cloti gets baptized this Saturday! It´s supposed to be a double baptism with one on the elder´s investigators, Ana, but she is rethinking it a little bit so we´ll see what happens but I think she´ll go through with it. Pray for them both this week! Cloti cracks us up every time we teach her. She says the funniest things sometimes haha. She is progressing rapidly and really well and accepts everything we teach her. 

This week has been a bit sad as well, a less active member the elders have been working with had cancer and passed away and we´ve been teaching his daughter and mother. It just reminds us of how short life is and how you can´t wait until the end to put everything right. But it also reminds us of the plan of salvation and that makes me happy :)

Well, Hna Johnson and the other half of my group went home this week but I´m glad I stayed and I know I have more things in store for me these 3 weeks that I have left! Love you all! The gospel is true!

Hermana Thompson





 Hermana Johnson and I- last time together Sad smile



 Isi teaching the class!

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