Monday, August 11, 2014

Pizzas, pasta, and I´m a grandma!

Well this week has gone by fast! I freak out every now and then when I realize that that means one week less but let´s try not to think about those things. 

Hna Volpe my new comp has so far made us pasta twice and this morning made pizzas from scratch! Huzzah. This transfers gonna be great food wise. She is funny to every now and then Italian words slip out when she is talking and is always excited about everything. She is from Modena in northern Italy and is really excited to practice English with me. 

So Isi apparently is supposed to be getting baptized next Sunday. We have a lesson with her and the stake president today and so we will see what happens. She said she is willing to live all the commandments this week in preparation so we will see how everything plays out! Pray for her and for us!

What else? Well we started teaching a 25 year old less active girl named Mili this week. Her family is all being rescued little by little and she is the last one. Our lesson with her was the first time she had set foot in the church for about 5 years and then afterwards her mom sent us a message saying that when she got home it impacted her so that she cried. Her brothers and mother have been praying for the reactivation of her and her father for years and now it seems to be the time when they see there prayers answered. I love seeing miracles. And more than anything I love the Gospel and the happiness Christ brings into our lives. 


Hermana Thompson

ps- photos!

1. Me and my comp Hna Volpe

2. My daughter Hna Brown is training Hna Giler (from Ecuador). So that means I´m a grandma!



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