Monday, September 15, 2014

The Last Email!

Well this is bittersweet. I have a mixture of emotions but  even though I´m a little nervous I have faith in the future and know that this new chapter of my life will be a marvelous one. I am excited to put into practice all of the things I´ve learned while on my mission and to keep progressing to become more and more like Christ. 

Sunday I was able to bear my farewell testimony to the ward and I was able to keep in together until I sat back down in my seat, then the tears came. I can´t believe that was my last Sunday. This is my last Pday and that it is all coming to an end. It still hasn´t dawned on me yet. As I pack my bags it feels more like I am just being transferred like usual, nothing out of the ordinary. I am calm and at peace and I think that is an answer to my many prayers. 

I have seen a lot of miracles and trials, I have cried and laughed more than ever before, I have been exhausted, excited, on the point of throwing in the towel. When people tell you that missions are like a roller coaster, they are exactly right. But it´s a ride that has taken me to greater heights and I hope to never come down. Actually, I will never come down, I will work to just keep going up from here.

Enduring to the end, I have learned, is probably the hardest concept to actually live in the gospel but it makes all the difference. I have learned that in moments of trials and crisis, when we feel like all is lost is when God works miracles. But we have to hold on to our faith during those trials. I have learned that God blesses us for every act of obedience, for every good choice we make. Obedience always always always brings blessings. I have learned that love is the most important principle of the gospel, that people, souls, are the most important thing and that God is aware of each and every one of us. 

I have learned thousands of things but most importantly I have learned that Jesus Christ is my personal Savior, that he LIVES, and that the atonement is REAL. It has worked in my mission and in my life. I am a better person because he lives, all the change that I have made has been possible because of Him. I have learned to rely on him in ways that I never have experienced before and I know that each and every time I have taken the sacrament he has given me a part of His grace to accomplish his will and plan for me. 

I love this gospel, I love Joseph Smith, and I love the Savior. I loved the trials and experiences I have been given here in Spain because they have helped me grow. I truly feel like I am coming home a woman and a disciple of my Lord Jesus Christ. 

Thank you for all your support, letters, packages, prayers, encouragement, love, and faith in me. You have all helped me along my journey and I am forever grateful for you. See you all soon! I love you!

Hermana Thompson









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