Monday, September 1, 2014

Double Baptism!

Well from the title you can tell that Cloti got baptized and one of the elders investigators as well, Ana. This week we had interviews with the president and then later a zone training with him, I absolutely love Pres. Deere, I´m convinced he´s the best mission president in the world. Wed-Thurs we had exchanges with the sister training leaders and Thursday night was the baptism, and afterwards there was a ward BBQ. It´s been quite an awesome week actually. Sunday they both got confirmed and everyone is happy and healthy! 

When we did weekly planning this week I was writing down the dates and it hit me that this weeks ends on the 7th and that only leaves me 10 days! I don´t know what came over me but I couldn´t help it, I started to cry a bit and inside I was freaking out. Hna. Volpe is so sweet, she was all worried like , "are you okay Hermana?" I just told her that I guess I´m a bit weird and that she should prepare herself for more emotional mood swings as the time winds down. It´s altogether a mixture of feelings. 

The baptism didn´t have a much people as Isi´s (but I think that would be impossible) but it was a success! Cloti is so cute, she always is prepared and says funny little things. It was a quite the complication moving it to Thursday though. The bishop and RS pres. thought it would be better to do it before the BBQ so we had to do a lot of last minutes changes. And Ana didn´t officially decide to get baptized until the day before so you can imagine the rush. 


Hermana Thompson

                   Added this photo as a request from the Mission Blog

san fern hnas

The Hermanas of San Fernando:  Hermanas Bangerter, Flanders, Perez, Thompson, Johnson, Volpe, Camacho, Cameron, Giler and Brown.


ps- photos!

*Hna. Volpe, Cloti, Me

*Elder Queirolo, Elder Richardson, Ana, Cloti, me, Hna. Volpe



 Love the White….

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