Sunday, June 5, 2011

DAY 35. The Beatles, Kent, & Fleet Foxes Concert

Once upon a time, a long long time ago, I had a wonderful day. It started out at 6:30 in the morning, too early. We ventured down to Abbey Road and once there we noticed that even though it was around 7:45am there was still a lot of traffic. It was tricky getting a picture of us all in sync on the cross walk while cars were waiting but eventually we did it. And they even have a camera set up to record every moment at that location so we went online and got some pictures there as well. It was pretty entertaining to go back and watch ourselves attempt to get a decent picture. Then we rushed off to the train stop to meet the whole group for a day in Kent.

We met with three older men at Kent and they took us on a walking tour throughout the beautiful countryside. And of course I forgot my camera for some reason, I don't even know. But I brought my point and shoot, but of course it still won't work since I dropped it at Madam Tussad's. Gosh I have bad luck. So almost all these pictures are Carolyn's. View her blog here. We frolicked through fields, picnicked by rivers, toured ancient Roman Villas, viewed castles, walked through grave yards, and sang hymns in a lovely old church. It was a beautiful wonderful day. We stopped by a little shop as well and I bought ginger beer, chocolate ice cream, and a double chocolate cake (for later on the train of course). However, the ginger beer was supposed to be non-alcoholic, and of course the one I picked up had .5% alcohol...or .05% I'm not entirely sure. But it was barely cough syrup right? So I drank it all. But being the rebellious people everyone are, about 10 people wanted to try it and see what it tasted like. Basically it was ginger ale but stronger, and it stung less on the way down than the regular ginger beer.

Next stop. Rest. I was so tired. Waking up early and then walking around all day in the sun is pretty tiring. So before the Fleet Foxes concert we came back, ate, and chilled in the kitchen while listening to Death Cab For Cutie's new album: Codes and Keys. It is so great. I love it. The concert at Hammersmith Apollo was amazing. Fleet Foxes are great live and the lead singer sounds exactly the same. They use so many instruments as well, it's crazy, I loved the beat of the drum especially. And they sang all my favorites. Ahhh yes. Standing for to hear them for a couple of hours was most definitely worth it. I took the videos for sound and Carolyn took the pictures.

Here are of the some videos I took, but you can't see anything, only sound.

Oliver James
Helplessness Blues (skip a little bit in)

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