Thursday, June 23, 2011


that is my signature french phrase. it means: i am a grapefruit. why the french you ask? well me and my family are off to FRANCE for a while. ten days+ or something like that. i have no idea and the reason because i don't have to plan a single dang thing. uh huh. so excited. it'll be me, my parents, my sister, and her husband and two sons. so that means i get to sleep in hotels and châteaux, eat real food, be stress free, and let the real adults take care of things for a while. because i'll admit that i was getting kinda sick of the whole independent travel on your own get no sleep in hostels and airports type of thing. and i don't have to worry about the language barrier because TA DA my dad speaks fluent french! so yeah i am liking the way this trip is turning out already. although i should probably use some of the french i learned last semester...oh and did you know that in france they have amazing pastries and cheese and bread? of course you did. oh france how i've missed you so.

the plan: we all get into a small european car together...yes it will be a tight fit...and head south and stop in bath on the way to the chunnel. we will take the chunnel, which usually i take airplanes so i am quite excited about this. we drop amber and ben off in paris for a little alone time while we take the kids to castles and such. then we pick them up and go to disneyland paris (i know) for a couple of days (confession: i am not obsessed with disneyworld/land like everyone else but maybe i will be converted in france) and then head to the loire valley and then the coast and back up to the chunnel and to england once more. and apparently my family has been to paris too much? so we are not even stopping there except to drop my sister and her husband off...kinda sad about that...i mean i would like to say hi to eiffel again...maybe we will stop by and take a quick picture on the way out. sigh. but i love the country so no worries. so far in the world london is my favorite city and france my country, so i hope this trip concretes that even more.

so you know how i kinda sorta planned on blogging about italy before i left for france? well i still don't have all the pictures gathered from people who travelled with me so those will have to wait...maybe i will just save them in drafts until they are ready and then post them all at the same time. something to look forward to and i bet the suspense is killing you. i also found out that people i had no idea were reading my blog were actually keeping up with my travels, so bishop lindsay if you are reading this, hi! hahaha.

cheers england, i am going to france. see you soon!

and in the meantime...
here are some of my favorite french music selections for you to listen to: 

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Steve and Donna said...

glad to have you along for the ride and thanks for all the help you've been with the kids :)