Saturday, June 18, 2011

Stratford Trip: Part 3

Another English breakfast started the day and then we were off on the coach to Blenheim Palace. We started off in a tour group on the inside of the palace but me and carolyn were falling asleep from the monotone old man on the verge of death so we hopped groups and booked it out of that place into the vast grounds filled with gardens, waterways, and paths lined with trees. We took pictures in front of the palace, explored a rose garden, and frolicked through fields of flowers. 

Then we hit the road and headed to Oxford. Oxford University is made up of a bunch of colleges spread out all over the town so there is no central place to visit. But we did go to Christ Church College. It is where the first few Harry Potter movies were filmed (scenes from the corridors and the great hall). We peaked in a few places and saw students preparing for exams or playing cricket. Oxford doesn't have all that much to do and we are all a bit fatigued so we decided to find a park to sit in. But all the parks in Oxford are gated off for the students...except the students weren't even using them. So eventually we found a nice green spot by the river and talked while we watch people go by on little boats (gondola style). A group picture, bus ride, and lots of truth and dare later and we were back in London. Holly had been planning a dance party for a couple days so thats what we did for the night, albeit somewhat improvised. And somehow I ended up being DJ haha.
look familiar?!??
also look familiar??
the GREAT HALL! (it was hot in oxford :/)

and thus it is finished. finally.

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