Saturday, January 14, 2012

gifs {part two}

i could NOT help myself. i spent my saturday morning laughing my head off. honestly. these are so great. {especially preston's}. my apologies everyone. 
 blenheim palace, england. 

 blenheim palace, england.

hyde park, london.

 portobello road, london.

 cliffs of moher, ireland.

 cliffs of moher, ireland. 

 some garden, ireland. 
edinburgh, scotland.

rome, italy.

 florence, italy.

amboise, france. 

 chiang mai, thailand.

 chiang rai, thailand.

chiang rai, thailand. 


Amber said...

those are pretty fun gifs...what program do you choose to use? I thought about doing gifs before but got lazy, so I never did it.

andrea thompson said...

i just used a free program online, but i think once we start doing them in class we will do them more legitimately.

Steve and Donna said...

this is fun- but you might get sea sick after awhile (watch out Audrey)