Monday, January 2, 2012


this break has been much too short. it is almost time to go back to school {a very depressing thought}.
i am going to miss being home in florida {for once}.
perfect weather,
the green and the rain,
the sound of the ocean,
laying on the beach under the stars,
bike rides through port royal,
real food and reading books for pleasure, 
and most of all- my cats. 
but, how can i miss it if i never leave it? no, i must go back to utah. and this semester i have some awesome classes {how i love being an art major}. 

here are some peeks into my holiday. {i got an iphone, so let the picture taking begin}.

sorry mom {but you have to admit it is funny}. 

 king harrod & guard.


 the everglades

 told you there were lots of alligators in florida.

 wading tour guide.

 airboat ride. 

 smallest post office in the u.s.
 daphne laying on ender's game. 
 fireworks on the beach.

 first sunset of the new year. 

happy new year!


Amber said...

someone got an iphone!

andrea thompson said...

best thing that ever happened to me! {well except my macbook pro...and you of course!}

Philippe said...

Thanks for posting! ;)