Saturday, January 7, 2012

wishes + goals.

i know i'm a bit late on doing a new year's post but i thought if i published it online where others could see it i would hold myself more accountable to actually achieving the following. 

> fill one or more sketchbooks
> bookbind my own journal or altered book
> keep a small contour drawing observation sketchbook
> finish all my abstract paintings from last semester
> design my own website
> watch adobe cs5 tutorials at least 3x a week
> keep a private {journal} blog for my eyes only
> carry a book to read for pleasure with me at all times
> visit byu's international cinema at least twice a month
> eat fresh vegetables once a day {or more}
> post on my blog at least 3x a week

also i have posted my bucket list on the right hand column of my blog, down yonder.

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