Monday, June 24, 2013 semana de mi cumple y sin investigadores


Pues...gracias a todos! Seriously thank you everyone who sent me a birthday card, letter, or package! You all are the best! (I´m pretty sure I´ve gotten everyone´s besides Audg´s but maybe that´ll come today!). On my Birthday we had a district meeting so afterwards we made brownies and everyone sang and the elders were quite grateful for them thanks to Amber and Ben ;) seriously though like 10 or more elders plus 5 other sisters soooo that means I only got one piece but sharing is what´s important right? And that evening we had dinner with a member family. Oh also I got to pet cats that day too so that´s how we know God loves us and answers prayers. (Kidding?...but it´s true). 

Training is still going well! The biggest struggle for Hermana Brown is the language and she´s always telling me I speak too fast and I´m like ¨whattt?" so I guess it´s hard to see my own progress from my point of view. Oh and I gave a talk in church on Sunday. I was stressing out a ton but apparently it went well, Spanish and all. Oh and thanks for sending me the Ensign I read it a ton and it´s one of the more exciting things I get to read (besides the Book of Mormon obviously which is the best). I didn´t end up going to Málaga during this week because my card wasn´t ready but I do go back tomorrow! Roadtrip! 

So this week was a bit crazy teaching and investigator-wise. Because we literally at the beginning of the week only had one investigator, Felisa, who we can never get a hold of. She didn´t end up getting baptized AGAIN because apparently she was being held by the police since Monday. So that explains why she never answered calls or was at home. Apparently her husband has his papers but she still doesn´t have hers so she has 6 days to fix the problem or she is sent back to Gabon in Africa. But she seriously is the best and always surprises us. She showed up at church and told us the whole story and was like "I am getting baptized this week! Without a doubt I am getting baptized! But...I don´t want to get baptized in the plastic font in the church, I want to get baptized in the sea." So if she doesn´t get baptized this week I think we might go a little crazy haha. We are going to try and get permission to baptize her in the Mediterranean Sea in this secluded little beach (where they usually have baptisms here) from President but normally it is not allowed so we´ll see. But how cool would that be?! 

We fasted for more investigators this week and the Lord provides, so we have three new ones and maybe one more after the days ends! One man we are teaching today is Muslim but super open and nice, so we´ll see what happens! We have done everything and visited everyone (formers, less actives, etc.) we possibly can in the city of Benidorm so we officially have no backups plans anymore besides knocking doors so that´s been interesting. And by interesting I mean people think we are Jehovah´s Witnesses and slam the door haha. But you know. And suddenly it has gotten hotter and more and more tourists are here too of course. People usually think I am from England or Holland usually and it´s apparently I´ve been told it´s because I don´t dress like a normal American haha, score! 

Anyway, I just wanted to say how much I am starting to love serving more and more each day. And how much I am needing to change as well, missions really are the refiner´s fire. With each day my faith is growing as well. I love this Gospel so much and in case anyone ever had any doubt know that I am here because I know with all that I am that God lives, Christ is our Savior, and that is their church. I get the wonderful opportunity to share that with people everyday and to spread the hope, peace, and happiness that the Gospel brings. I have seen how the gospel truths change people and how the spirit works to testify within them and I love it. And thank you to all who are faithful to the gospel of Jesus Christ. The Lord needs you. Being in a branch I feel that more acutely than ever, and I am so grateful for the few strong members and families that we do have. Keep spreading the restoration through your examples! And go where the Lord needs you most! Love you all!

Share the Gospel!
Hermana Thompson

ps- pictures!
1: with the Wong family who live an hour and a half away by train but always invite us to eat. but they are moving back to Ecuador :(
2: with Felisa! pray for her baptism!
3: In Málaga from 2 weeks ago when I went to pick up my trainee. Reunited with Hermana Johnson who is also training! :)

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