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Well this week was a bit of a fiasco. In case you were wondering (like everyone we ever talk to ever) our baptism in the sea didn´t actually happen this weekend. And I will admit that I am more frustrated and indignant than sad. So this is the craziness that took place. While I was in Málaga picking up my residency card Felisa was supposed to get her baptismal interview. So the district leader traveled an hour and a half to do it and she didn´t show up because of a ¨misunderstanding¨. When I got back we setup another interview on Friday for her and the zone leader came down this time to do it. At this point I didn´t have much confidence that she would show up but eventually she did, 30 mins late and passed her interview and was excited for her baptism on Saturday. We were also fasting at the time because she was trying to get her papers worked out so she could stay in Spain and not be sent back to Africa before her baptism (which all worked out just fine too thankfully). We arranged everything with the members and did everything possible to prepare. The next morning she called us and told us she had to go out of town for an emergency but that she would be back and would call us. She never called. We called and called and called and called some more. She rarely ever picks up her phone. Eventually she called us back and said her bus would get in at 6 (her baptism was at 5 so we had to tell all the members that were already on their way that we needed to reschedule it to 8). When the bus got there she wasn´t on it and we couldn´t get a hold of her by phone or at her house. She also didn´t come to church on Sunday either which is very rare for her. So we wasted a whole day on Saturday and still we are not sure what happened. So now we are up to two investigators that passed baptismal interviews, had baptisms all arranged and then didn´t actually get baptized. What in the world. Benidorm is crazy. Anyway enough of the bad news.

So did I mention that we had a fast for finding more investigators? Well we have gotten a lot more! And we have one more investigator with a baptismal date. Her name is Miri and she is so great and is the type of responsible person that we know will keep her word, but the thing is that she isn´t getting married until Sept so her baptismal date is set for the 5th of there´s a almost 99% chance I won´t be here for it but her daughter will probably get baptized in August when she gets back from vacation so we are looking forward to that.

Tues and Wed I was at the mission home to pick up my card like I said and I got to watch the worldwide training broadcast in English which was nice (i actually watched it yesterday in Spanish and understood pretty much all of it so that was cool). We ate lots of food and got to talk to President and it was way nice but I am getting tired of the 8 hour bus ride each way haha. We are still a trio and probably will be until the end of the transfer in 3 weeks. We are moving to our new piso today which is SO NICE. 3 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms, and 3 balconies, and super clean. Ahhh I am so happy to be moving out of our own personal ghetto. I´ll put my new address at the bottom too. Oh and apparently all the missionaries know who Jacob is, our cousin. I was looking on our mission blog and there is a picture of him with a group of missionaries. Weird, eh? Anyway, thanks for all your prayers and support! Love you all!

Hermana Thompson

Hermana Andrea Thompson
Paseo de la Castellana
Nº46, 2ºA
03502 Benidorm, Alicante

ps- pictures
1. on some stairs waiting for an investigator (like always), sorry about the clarity
2. our ghetto mattress setup (with all of your photos and cards in the background!)
3. with Isabel the mother of one of our less actives, she isn´t a member but is too old to understand when we teach so we just let her talk. and she always resembles gollum when she speaks so it´s hard not to laugh.

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