Thursday, July 25, 2013

I´m training...AGAIN!

Buenas tardes!
Well hello everyone! As you can tell from the subject line I will be training a new sister this transfer. Hermana Martín is going to Jaén and Hermana Brown to Cartagena. Technically my training, if it all went according to schedule, would´ve finished right now haha. But I am destined to reuse the first six weeks of the training program over and over again and never get to week twelve so it seems. I´m headed to the mission home tomorrow to go pick her up. Crazy huh? I didn´t think I would be training again THIS SOON. And the thing is I think I will probably train again after this transfer because we have 20 new sisters coming in September. President has to work miracles to get all the missionaries in the right places. And now I will be the one directing everything...scary aspect, but I can do it. I am continually amazed by how much Spanish I can already speak. And you know what the best thing is? Hermana Martín told me I don´t have an American accent! I´m not bragging, I´m just very excited. I am always asking people from Spain about the language and how I can improve my accent and they never give me any advice ugh haha, but I guess that means I´m doing just fine. I´m definitely going to miss having a native with me to speak Spanish all the time :( It´s so incredibly useful but who knows I guess there is a chance my new comp will be a native.

This week was the bomb. We usually have a really hard time getting new investigators, especially ones that will progress. The mission standard is four new ones per week and this time we got 10! Literally a miracle. Which I am incredibly grateful for because it leaves me with work when both my companions leave. We also set another baptimal date with a woman named Carmen. She is the mother of one of the recent converts in our branch and she is 80 years old. She understands everything and still is doing well for her age. Her son, Vicente, gave her a Book of Mormon and she had been reading it the week before we went to visit her. In the first visit she told us the Book of Mormon was true and so we set a baptismal date for August 3rd, although we are going to have to do it a week from then since she hasn´t been to church yet. Our other baptismal date is Miri, I have mentioned her before but she is literally an angel. She basically teaches us when we visit with her. And she always picks us up in her car so we don´t have to walk for 45 mins in the sun :)) She goes to all the activities, reads Daughters in Our Kingdom (the relief society book) and she has such a strong testimony. She even had a dream about the what goes on inside the temple the other day (although she doesn´t know what it is and we can´t explain it haha so one day she´ll find out). It´s funny because Hermana Martín said she is the best investigator she´s ever had because normally the really spiritual ones are also a little crazy but Miri is completely normal and we know she will continue living in Spain. :)) That´s a goal for all of us, convert people who actually Spaniards, or who are going to stay in Spain. But she doesn´t get baptized til Oct 5th after her wedding, so unless I stay for two more transfers I won´t get to see it :(
This week was also a little crazy and some firsts too. Benidorm has a lot of weird buildings and skyscrapers. We went up in the elevator of the tallest building here and went up in this other building that is only made of circles and all the doors we knocked on were French-speaking people. (Sorry Dad, i forgot all my French couldn´t even communicate with them...). The recent convert I was talking about, Vicente, is officially our assistant and he adores us (a little too much sometimes). He shares the gospel with all the world and always is introducing us to people (including his mother who has accepted to be baptized). One of which was this strange woman who is lives in the middle of nowhere in a little rock hut thing with 20 cats, and his Jehovah Witness realtives who wouldn´t let me talk or testify. It´s always interesting with him, but he is one of my favorite people in our branch even if he is a bit crazy.
Well that´s all for now! Keep me in your prayers as I start training a new comp this week and look at the mission blog during the week to find out who she is because they will for sure put up pictures! Thanks for everything!
Love you all!

Hermana Thompson
ps- pictures:

1. Us with Miri :)) <3>
2. Us with the Branch President (Pres Mondol holding Samuel, the cutest child) and His wife, Alejandra. And photobombing is the EQ President Marco

1. Hna Brown and I where the crazy cat lady lives

2. Our district for this transfer (Hnas Camacho, Greenwood, Brown, Martín, and Elderes Dansie, Peña, Favero, and Tudela)

1. Vicente, our recent convert and assistant

2. Us on the tram afterhours since we missed ours :( haha (que jack!)

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