Monday, July 29, 2013

First week with Hermana Norieg

Hey everyone!

Well after hearing that our cat comet died from getting hit by a car I am now sitting in the Internet cafe crying...but at least no one can really see me so that´s okay haha. So good news first? We have a baptism scheduled for this Saturday the 3rd. His name is Miguel, he´s 18, and he is the boyfriend of one of our recent converts in the branch. We finally committed him to the date yesterday :) we got approval for another baptism on the beach since he wants to get baptized where she did. And tomorrow we get to teach these two youth the law of chastity! yay! haha should be fun...and awkward. Anyway we are looking sooo forward to the baptism, so keep him in your prayers! 

So I am out here in Benidorm on my own, senior comp, training, and I haven´t died yet. I think I came a little close in the first few days from the stress and pressure but I am good now haha. Hermana Noriega is so great and I am lucky to be training her. And once she gets the hang of Spanish we´ll be golden. I love being a companionship of two again, it is so nice! But I will admit that I miss speaking Spanish 24/7 with Hermana Martín. I´m a bit of a softy with Hermana Noriega right now as far as Spanish goes but the first few days are stressful and rough enough so we´re easing into it. She is from Layton, Utah but grew up in Missouri, is studying Music Ed and loves Lord of the yeah we are doing just fine together. 

We went to a baby shower for Alejandra, the branch president´s wife and like 7 nonmembers came, many of which are our investigators so that was awesome and so fun. And they actually don´t have a word for baby shower here in Spanish so they just say it in English haha. And Sunday 6 investigators were at church! Miracles do happen. Miri our wonderful angel investigator that I always talk about brought her fiancé and she is also fellow shipping two other friends. Love her. Our recent converts are giving us a lot of new investigators too, it´s so great and truly a blessing since it´s so hard to find good people who will progress here. The last few days have been so crazy, there was a music festival here and so people have been out all night long which means it´s hard for us to get to sleep and there are bands I actually like here. Boo haha. 

This week has been stressful, demanding, and of course I have doubted myself and abilities many times, but to compensate I have also felt the love of the Lord to comfort me and to encourage me. I know I have said it before but missions truly are refining. It´s hard now, but I know it is for a purpose and that it is to help me reach my potential. Trials and challenges make us stretch and grow. The trick is not to let discouragement weaken our faith. It´s a difficult thing to balance but I´m learning as I go. Others are always asking me how I got this good at Spanish so fast and honestly it´s a miracle. It is manifestation of the Lord´s love and will. The missions of the world are changing and therefore we are having to change with it. Wish me luck and keep praying for missionary work. 

Love you all!

Hermana Thompson

ps pictures-
1. with part of my Provo district in the Malaga
 chapel (elder Turley and Hna Johnson)
2. part of the Madrid district in Málaga (Hnas Johnson, Nielsen, Elders Sharp and Webb)
reunited for a little bit and all of us are training!

3. Hermana Noriega and I in Benidorm. Don´t let the prettiness fool you, it is way hot. 

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