Monday, August 26, 2013

BAPTISMO 2 en Benidorm!

HOLAAAA! I am so happy this morning, you have no idea! I am pretty sure I am floating. 

Ok so let me tell you everything. No, there is too much, let me sum up...Itzayana got BAPTIZED last Thursday and her mother Miri is getting baptized this Saturday! How did that happen you ask? Well the Lord works in very mysterious ways. Hermana Noriega and I had been praying and fasting that Miri would finally get her papers cleared to be married in October so that she could get baptized Oct 5th, I knew I´d probably be gone by then so I was resigned to the fact that´d I would miss it even though that it what I wanted more than anything. Miri´s fiance Antonio came to the baptism on Thursday and everything was going so well, we even ate dinner with them as a family the day before (yeah they are the absolute BEST, investigators who feed us? what). But on Sunday right as I was about to start teaching the gospel principles class she told me she was moving and showed me her hand without an engagement ring and started crying. I sat down and talked with her while Hna Noriega stalled the class from starting and she explained all the small details of how the relationship just wasn´t going to work out. I have seriously never felt so bad for someone we have been teaching. It had been in the making for years and years and I thought Antonio would even get baptized too eventually. But I told her that now she could get baptized this Saturday if she wanted and she said she´d think about it and call us. Well she called us this morning and now she is getting baptized this Saturday in the plastic font we have in the chapel! So if a transfer falls upon me at the end of this week I can leave happy with me life complete. Oh and mom, she now works as a consultant for Mary Kay and gave Hna Noriega and I a class on it one day in her house with the whole cleansing process! Hahaha we were like what is going on, how are we so lucky to have her as an investigator?

Now on to the baptism! It was at 8am and our district leader, Elder Tudela came down to baptize her along with his comp Elder Favero. It has always been his dream to baptize someone on the beach so we made it come true for him :) Itzayana and her mom had a baptismal dress custom made for her (who does that? no one. they´re amazing. oh and a custom cake too). So Miguel, Itzayana, and Miri are all baptisms that came from Dagmar, so cool! And we are still teaching two other friends of Miri and Dagmar´s. Hna Noriega and I sang a spanish translation we found of Be Still My Soul since it isn´t in the hymn book here. Everything went beautifully! She got confirmed in the chapel directly afterwards and went to the temple with Miguel and Dagmar and the others from the stake on Friday and Saturday. All of it sounds like perfection, right? Because it issss! I have a permanent smile on my face still. 

Oh and Sunday after I taught gospel principles (I am now the unofficial teacher since Alejandra just had a baby) we were asked on short notice to teach the young women´s class about dating haha. So that was interesting. But it actually didn´t go badly at all and wasn´t awkward either. Today we are going to try to go to a place named Guadelest where there is a castle and monastery but last time we tried it didn´t work out so we´ll see! Next time I write we will know if we have any changes for the transfer...I don´t think so but with all the new girls coming in and my luck I´ll be training yet again haha! 

Keep praying for us and for your own missionary experiences!
Love you all!
Hermana Super Feliz Thompson

1. us and itzayana
2. us, her, and elder tudela
3. us, and elders tudela and favero

more in the next email...

more pictures of the happy occasion:

family & friends

Antonio, Itzayana, Miri, me & Hermana Noriega

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