Monday, August 5, 2013

BAPTISM in Benidorm! :D

Hola Familia y Amigos! 

So guess what?! WE HAD A BAPTISM!

Miguel got baptized on the beach this last Saturday and was confirmed as a member yesterday in church! And let me just say that we are very happy. First baptism of the Spain Málaga Mission in Benidorm, first baptism of the year, and both our first baptism as well! And we have some pretty cool photos, not gonna lie. We held the service at 8am but there were already some people on the beach (it´s a smaller one out of the way) and then more people came during it, but oh well, we sang and prayed despite the onlookers. The branch president, Presidente Mondol, baptized Miguel and Hermana Noriega and I sang with his wife Nearer My God to Thee for a special musical number. And he gets the priesthood next Sunday. But wait that´s not the end! His recent convert girlfriend, Dagmar, has a mother who was born in the covenant but was never baptized. She believes in the Gospel but also smokes (i gave her steps to quit) but she has said that once Miguel gets the priesthood she wants him to baptize her! So that was such incredible news for Dagmar since neither of her parents are members and her sister is inactive. So we will see what happens and if she will get baptized soon!

Their house is also a fountain of new investigators. We are teaching a woman named Johanna that rents out their downstairs and she is seriously one of the sweetest women ever and so genuine. She asked for a Book of Mormon as soon as we came over for the appointment and at the end asked us for the return appointment first, both of which never happen haha. She also accepted the invitation to be baptized in the first lesson and only needs to look at her work schedule so we can set the date! She also has a 12 year old son who I am sure would get baptized as well.

Speaking of baptisms, we have another baptism scheduled for this month! Remember our angel of an investigator, Miri? Well her daughter, Itzayana (13), finally returned from vacation and we set a baptismal date for the 17th of August with her. There is a temple trip at the end of the month and she wants to go! Her mom suggested she wait and get baptized with her in October but she would not have that idea and so we told her August was definitely a possibility haha. Oh and we are still teaching that 80 year old woman, Carmen, that used to have a baptismal date. She just needs more time to get a little more strength in her leg before she goes to church, but she still understands everything and believes everything we teach as well. She´s the best. And a lot of people actually came to English class this week and they were all investigators so that was a miracle.

Anyway, we are seeing a lot of miracles recently and it is such a blessing. We are actually getting references and contacts through the members and that is exactly how it should be. I haven´t even knocked doors yet with Hermana Noriega which is rare for us here in Benidorm. But Hna Noriega is so sweet and patient so I am lucky to be training her. She is humble and willing to learn even from a trainer as inexperienced as me. Spanish is still a setback from her so I have been talking a lot but in time she will get more and more comfortable. Thanks for all your prayers, love and support! God lives, he knows each and everyone of us so personally and deeply cares about all the small details of our lives. Christ is our Savior and Redeemer. I find myself looking forward to the sacrament more each week, more than ever before. It is through Him that we have the amazing opportunity to overcome our weaknesses and change. Don´t forget that everyone has the potential to change. Everyone has the potential to make it to the temple and the celestial kingdom someday. We just have to see those people as how they can become, not as they are right now. Love you all and keep sharing the Gospel and being an example to those around you. Bless and change lives. 

Hermana Thompson

ps- i definitely had a dream about poor comet as a zombie cat, may he rest in peace in the spirit world until he makes it to the celestial kingdom. and i loved all your face book eulogies you sent me (aka this week i was laughing instead of crying in the Internet cafe haha) he truly was a magnificent creature. 

1. Us, Miguel, and his girlfriend Dagmar
2. Us, Miguel, and Presidente Mondol

3. Us and Miguel!
more photos!
1. group picture of those who came in the branch (Miguel is in the blue checkered shirt)
2. baptism in the Mediterranean!
3. coming out of the water!

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