Monday, August 19, 2013


Hey everyone!

Well we have like zero time to email this week because we were playing Risk with the elders in our district and you know how long that game takes haha. Well not much has happened this past week but a lot will happen this week! Itzayana has her baptismal interview tomorrow and gets baptized this Thursday at 8am on the beach! I´m especially excited because she is going to the temple the next day (so is Miguel our other convert)! The temple seriously always helps strengthen testimonies! We also have a goal as a mission to find 555 new investigators THIS week. Which means 7 per companionship. The normal goal standard is 4 and we usually get 2. So it is definitely a high one. One week we got 8 so it´s definitely possible, we just have to work hard. So if you want to pray for anything in particular this week, there you go! We definitely need help on this side of the veil and the other. Oh and last Thursday we had a special training from Pres and Sis Deere so that was fun! Well we are on our second to last week of this transfer and this is the first time I find myself thinking that I want to stay! Weird, but things are definitely starting to pick up and I feel like I´ve hit my groove here in Benidorm. We are definitely seeing more miracles and how the Lord prepares everyone and everything in His own time. Well got to go! Love you all and pray for us especially THIS week! Hasta el lunes que viene!

Hermana Thompson

photo- Elders Dansie, Peña, Me, Hna Noriega, Elder Tudela playing Risk! And Elder Favero taking the photo. I lost. 

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Iris White said...

Thinking and praying for you and THE GREAT and GLORIOUS WORK you are doing! Love you girl! Sis White