Monday, January 20, 2014

10 months in the Mission! and Week 2 in Murcia!


My 10 month anniversary is today! Woo! Also weird. And you´ll never guess what happened...I got sick again this week! Surprise surprise. This time I got blessed with the flu. Fever and lots of aches and pains, but it only lasted 2 days so I´m completely back to health already! We went on splits with members so one stayed home with me. One of the elders got really sick (we think with appendicitis) so we´ve been visiting the hospital every now and then, poor guy is in a lot of pain. Oh and we went to less active member´s house to teach, she is from Ecuador, and there was a rooster on the balcony, I asked her about it and this is what she roughly said "No it´s not a pet, I´m going to kill it later and eat it." So that was exciting. Surprising mostly since she is in a fairly nice apartment and everything. I kept watching the poor guy as we were teaching...I´m pretty sure he knew what was coming. People be crazy.

In other news not much has happened this week since I was sick and all. We have a couple solid investigators, named Juan and Mari Carmen, that are actually progressing but they are waiting for their marriage papers to come in a month or so so they can get baptized. Their 8 year old daughter is already a member and it is great to see them learn and grow. Two of the elders in our ward have spent the past week with a "mini missionary"- a 19 year old convert from Colombia who got baptized a few weeks ago. He loves being with the missionaries and every time he learns something new he gets so excited. We were in the hospital and he was reading the BOM and just said "I love this church!" Gosh I love new converts, they are always on fire. If only we could be that excited to learn and to share the gospel. He said it was one of the best weeks of his life and really wants to serve a mission. That´s one of the hard things about being a born-in-the-church member sometimes, feeling that great change and keeping the passion that comes with conversion. So I guess that would be my challenge to you all this week (and to myself), to keep your fire burning and to make sure that the Lord´s image is in your countenance. 

Well sorry this email is not as exciting, there are no pictures this week. But if you are curious you could always Google Murcia for some! Oh and sorry I forgot to send my new address last week, here it is!

Avenida Abenarabi 18, 6ºC

30008 Murcia


thanks and love you all!

Hermana Thompson

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