Sunday, January 5, 2014

Happy New Year

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas! I forgot to mention in my past emails but I reached my halfway mark on the 20th of Dec! Crazy, right?
So this week was weird. Well I mean it felt weird, mostly because I can´t believe Christmas was only a few days ago! For Christmas Eve we all watched the Christmas Devo from SLC, then later we went downtown with the Elders and saw the lighthouse and some other pretty sites. At like 6:30pm we got all the missionaries from the zone together downtown where all the lights are (my idea haha) and sang Christmas songs to all the people passing by doing their shopping :) it was fun and the missionaries contacted while we sang. A lot of people stopped to listen. That night we went over to a Spanish family´s house from the ward to eat dinner. It started out with shrimp, seafood tarts, bread, cheese, and cured ham. Then we ate a traditional spanish soup, then stuffed beef roast of some sort. After that was an ice cream cake-ish thing and christmas candies. We were really full. We were allowed to stay out until midnight that night so afterwards we stayed and played games.

Christmas day we got to sleep in a little bit and then we all went to the chaple with the other missionaries and played games. For lunch we ate Chinese. Then I called you lovely people and spoke at a member´s place. I loved being able to talk to Carola and Phil in Spanish, she was freaking out, it was funny :) We didn´t open any presents on actual Christmas day since I opened all my packages early and the rest got here late, but that´s okay because it didn´t feel like Christmas anyway. It felt like a normal day in which we just didn´t have to work haha. And talking with you all was surreal.

What else happened? Not much honestly as far as missionary work is concerned since most people were busy with the holidays and didn´t want to meet with missionaries. So I will leave you all with a funny observation. Perhaps you all think I walk beautiful spanish streets lined with culture and sunshine but that´s just postcards. There was actually a garbage worker strike this last week so there is more trash than normal EVERYWHERE (in addition to all the presents the dogs here leave). And there is a huge population of weirdos and handicapped people. Just yesterday we saw this man pushing himself everywhere sitting on a skateboard and using two plastic things as paddles of some sort. I had a good laugh for a while. Gotta love Spain! Have a good week and send me Christmas photos!


Hermana Thompson

ps- lots of photos!

downtown málaga, lighthouse, christmas tree lights


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