Monday, January 27, 2014

I Love Murcia…

Hello! So this week I wasn´t sick but my comp was throwing up so we had another couple of days of staying home. But we are both healthy now and the other elder from our district was released from the hospital so life is good! 

Can I just say that I love Murcia? I do. It´s a great area for me. The ward is actually working really well together and I am absolutely stoked about it. Yesterday we had a meeting with our ward mission leader and all the ward missionaries (yeah, you heard that right there are actually ward missionaries here!) and Hna Cerna and I gave a short training on how to teach along with a practice where we demonstrated teaching the plan of salvation for everyone so that they would get an idea of how to better teach to people´s needs. It was a bit intimidating doing it in front of the bishopric and the members but it went well. Yesterday we all taught a apartment full of people from Ghana with a Brazilian member who speaks English since my comp doesn´t. They wanted absolutely nothing to do the the BOM since it wasn´t the Bible. Oh well. 

We also had a nice little miracle this week. We stopped by a reference that we had already tried to contact but looked like the place was up for sale and the phone number didn´t work. I didn´t see the point in really going back but we stopped by and knocked and knocked and finally they opened right as we were about to leave. And it was a whole family from Bolivia! They let us in on the spot and were super nice and we got to teach them and leave a Book of Mormon! I love when surprises like that happen! 

This week I read a talk called "The Fourth Missionary" by Lawrence Corbridge. I had heard about it from others so finally decided to read it. It´s way good but also makes you really reflect on the kind of missionary you really are. But I would advise nonmissionaries to read it as well! Anyway, this week has been all about reconsecrating myself to the Lord and the work, with my heart and my head not just my behavior. So I hope you all do the same- give all you will and self to the Lord, because it really is the only thing we can give that isn´t already his. 

Oh YEAH, and guess who stopped by Murcia on Sunday? Jacob Thompson, our cousin! It was a surprise since he didn´t know I was serving in this area. He tried to hug me and I had to bend back really quick to avoid it haha it was funny, the other elders got a kick out of it. 

Well, have a wonderful week everyone! 

Love you, Hermana Thompson


the first one is of our district in the hospital, we had our district meeting there it was weird haha

and the other is a pday at the mall with two recent converts




la foto

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