Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I love being in Murcia so far! The city has been foggy lately with some rain and it´s a bit colder than Málaga too. The ward is a bit bigger from what I can tell and there is us and two other sets of Elders. They just changed the bishop and the ward mission leader the week before I came too. The bishop is younger and was reactivated last year so he is fresh and excited to work, so it´ll be good!  Like I said last week my new comp is Hermana Cerna, oh my gosh I love her! She has only been a member for 2 years and I am super impressed with her. She is from Peru but lives in Madrid so has a Spanish accent which is good :) Her parents don´t support her serving a mission and only her sister is a member but isn´t very strong in the church. She is a great missionary and we work reallyyy well together, so I am stoked to be her companion. It is so nice having a native comp again. She also says I have no American accent (yay!) and is really willing to answer all my questions about the language. I am the senior comp since she has been out one transfer less than me, so it´s official I´ll never have more than one senior comp in the mission since all the older ones are leaving this transfer. Hna Cerna still has a lot to learn about doctrine and singing hymns in the morning is interesting because she still doesn't´t know a lot of them and get to sing solos haha. But I´m going to try and help her as much as possible.  Before leaving Málaga I got to say goodbye to all the people I wanted to see so I´ll include some pictures. The Patars (the Romanian family) were the sweetest! They had us over for an FHE, fed us, and wrote me notes- and one of the daughters (Lorena) cried! Aww they melt my heart. They better all serve missions one day and it would be a dream of mine to see them sealed in the temple. What else? Oh yeah our study table here in Murcia is a pool table! Cool huh? But if we want to play we have to go out and buy the balls.  Oh man and you´ll never guess what I ate willinging. Worms. Sea worms. Disgusting. We went to our new bishop´s house (they´re from Murcia) to eat and they fed us this seafood soup because according to them we never get the privilege. I didn´t know the word for worms soooo that´s the good part, I didn´t know what I was eating (but I knew it was something sketchy). They look kind of like pasta but I knew they weren't´t from the coloring. Anyway, I am still grossed out by it. Hna Cerna laughs at me every time I bring it up. Her trying to speak English is so cute too! She doesn't´t know much and understands a little bit but every time she says "fetch!" I crack up. It´s a missionary word that every picks up even the natives.  Well got to go! And as for all you slackers who didn´t write me, you can still do it! I´ll forgive you! ;) Hope you all are having a lovely year!  Love,  Hermana Thompson fotoooos! 1. me and Hayat (the recent convert from Morroco) and her kids 2. Patar family 3. The daughter of the family with whom we skyped (Sandra y Juan) drew us while looking for accuracy hahahaha  
DSCN1493 (Andrea mission- Jan. 13, 2014)
my new comp and I in the internet café
New Comp from Peru

Peruvian Comp Goofy Photo

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