Tuesday, March 13, 2012

and i'm a mormon.

last semester i filled out a profile on mormon.org. i checked it frequently but every time i looked it still hadn't been approved. tonight i remembered i hadn't checked in a while, and just like that it was up! there are some things about it i wish i could change/re-write and it's not even been that long...funny how quickly we change {i even used a picture of me when my hair was red}. the rest of my profile is cut out of the picture, so if you want to read all of it you will have to go look me up!

anyway i recommend you all make one. and if you aren't mormon go check out the site for more info on The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints or ask me any questions you might have and i will do my best to answer them! 

also, check out this video of my awesome professor dan barney's wife cassandra. he is one of my favorite teachers ever. have i mentioned how much i love the opportunities i have as an art education student at BYU? because i do. i have the best classes, with the best of people. not many people can say that they welded or screen printed today.

oh hey and i also created this person in photoshop in one of my classes. she is made up of six different people. {body/face shape: ellie, eye shape/brow: stacey, eye color: holli, nose: me, mouth: courtney, hair/ears: emily}. the background is a picture i took of a field in france, and i even added a sheep. don't believe everything you see in magazines folks, because all of it is photoshopped. and as you can see, pretty much anything is possible thanks to adobe. {and she definitely isn't perfect}.